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Rolling grilles

Alutech protective roller grilles in Chernigov

Rolling grilles ensure the safety of buildings and individual premises, protect material values. Having an elegant appearance, and harmoniously combining absolutely with any interior solutions, protective roller shutters have become an indispensable attribute for modern supermarkets, shops, boutiques and shopping centers. The roller grilles perfectly combine functionality and innovative design. And new reliable profiles of various types allow to guarantee with a high degree of confidence the protection of trading enterprises or premises of the bank.

Rolling grilles are not only an excellent protective tool for the contents of your store or bank from intruders, and thanks to roller shutters, shop windows will be able to work even at night, allowing you to display the goods even at a time when the store is not working.

The main material from which the roller shutters are made is aluminum. It is distinguished by ecological purity, high corrosion resistance, resistance to ultraviolet radiation and atmospheric influences. All the characteristics of aluminum alloys are perfectly preserved at low temperatures. The reliability of the construction is guaranteed in all climatic conditions. Even after many years of operation, the roller grille looks like new, thanks to a reliable polymer coating.

For particularly large openings, which will be installed grids, solutions are provided based on the reinforced profile. The width of such a grid can reach seven meters, with a total area of ​​21 square meters. In addition, rolling shutters are extremely resistant to burglary.

The main advantages and characteristics of rolling shutters:

1. High protection against breaking;
2. Provide additional ventilation of the room;
3. High light transmittance up to 42%;
4. Round-the-clock review of windows and attracting new customers;
5. Manual and automatic control;
6. Ability to produce a profile with anodized coating;
7. Wide range of colors;
8. Fire safety, rapid lifting of the roller shutter and evacuation of people;
9. Installation of fire alarm sensors and automatic opening of the roller shutter.

Therefore, protective rolling shutters are a reliable and proven, modern and beautiful protective system from hacking doors, windows, shop windows.

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