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Shutters on the door

The degree of protection of an object depends on its functions and significance in the system of the private or public sector. The more important the material values, the more reliable the precautionary measures. The shutters on the door refer to the rather simple and, rather, to aesthetically attractive civilized means of defense from uninvited guests. At least for a short time, before the security service arrives, if the house or store is connected to the alarm, they will cope with their task. Protective roller blinds on the door, the price and other information about which are placed on our Internet resource, are used not only from the entrance side, but also inside the premises.

Advantages of Rolling Shutters

Protective shutters on the door in Chernigov have become a commonplace everyday. And already during this period, all who installed them, note practicality, a certain convenience and an acceptable price of roller blinds on the door.

One of the significant advantages of the product is its mechanical stability. Just so, without improvised means, it is practically impossible to break them. Any attempt at an autopsy will take some time. Extra noise is also not in favor of vandals, because it reacts to neighbors or casual passers-by. Even with apparent brittleness, unlike the steel grating, the protective roller shutters on the door can be dismantled only with the help of a grinder and a circle around the metal. So it is not possible to hack them quietly and quickly. Because the price for roller blinds on the door and higher than the cost of conventional blinds.

Locating the device on the door

Modern outdoor blinds are made of metal. Previously, they were the prerogative of only window openings. But today, protective shutters on the door in Chernigov are mounted already in the garage openings. A variety of products is offered for sale. Attention of the buyer are presented options with manual or automatic remote control with electric drive. The price of protective rollers on the door is available for all categories of the population.

This product is used primarily on the first floors of high-rise buildings, public buildings or garages. They are also used in dachas, where the owner may be absent for a long time. Roller shutters on the door, the price of which is determined by their design features and the applied drive, are inserted both in the door niche and outside the wall. The price of protective shutters on doors for banks, jewelry boutiques, museums is formed on the basis of increased requirements to the strength and reliability of goods.


Buy protective shutters on the door in Chernigov at an affordable price, you can in our salon store «Triumph WT». Since our company is an official partner of the company «Alutech», we offer protective shutters on the door at a direct real price from the manufacturer's factory. Naturally, in order to get the full cost of installing protective roller shutters on the door, you need to take into account all the stages of this process, namely:

  • the cost of the Alutech protective roller shuttle system;
  • the cost of delivery to the installation site of the roller shuttle;
  • the cost of installing protective roller shutters on the door.

If all these components are calculated, then you will get the full price of installing protective roller shutters on the door. On the last two points, you better consult with our specialists by phone, they will be able to more accurately calculate and orient you about the delivery and installation of the protective roller shutter system on the door. And as for the cost of the system itself, for standard doors that have dimensions: height 2000 mm and width 1000 mm, - the price of protective rolls on the door will be 2390 UAH. This is the base price, which can be taken as a basis for doors of this size, and then calculate the full cost.

We always go to meet our customers and understand their wishes. Therefore, if you need to find the right color and size of protective rolls, we will be happy to help you with this. Remember that protective shutters Alutech is the best price-quality ratio in the market of Chernigov and Ukraine.


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