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Sectional door

Sectional doors

The Alutech sectional doors are hinged panels that move along the tires. When opening, they occupy a minimum of space, and it is very convenient in case your garage is compact.

Why buy the sectional gate of Alutech, and what they are

1. You can buy sectional garage doors Classic. They are designed for 25,000 lowering-lifts, because they are equipped with super-power torsion springs. Also, the representatives of this series have an additional safety system that protects against falling of the blade and the failure of the springs. You can choose the color gamut, which to buy sectional garage doors – with drawings or monophonic.

2. If you decide to buy the sectional gate Alutech of Trend type, then this is an excellent choice for a 3.5 m opening and a lintel of at least 10 cm. They are also completely safe to use, because when the spring breaks, the system blocks its ejection.

Set the gate to a garage or industrial site

Depending on the features of the object, you can buy a sectional garage gate. They, in turn, differ:

  • Thickness of the panel (sections);
  • Material of hinges and brackets (galvanized or stainless);
  • The type of garage door control;

Not only prices for sectional doors in Chernigov attract users, but also their reliability – the products meet all quality standards, resist different loads, external influence. As a result, they are successfully used at individual facilities, in car washes, car-care centers and other industries – in those places where a conventional gate would quickly fail. Now buy sectional doors – it means not only to create a reliable protection, but also harmoniously complement the design of the necessary building. They can be installed in any territory, if desired, using a glazing option for greater illumination of the territory.

Select the drive type for the corresponding loads

You can control all gates both remotely and manually, because the mechanism provides an option for power outages and the possibility of backup power. If you decide to buy a sectional door in Chernigov, then you need to take into account what kind of load they expect in the course of constant use. After all, the type of drive depends on it, and from it, respectively, the prices for the sectional gates of Alutech. If this is a private facility, a garage, for example, then mount a rack-and-pinion electric drive. If the gate is used in industry or other high-traffic areas, axial industrial drives that are installed on the side are suitable.

To buy sectional doors of the right size, you need to accurately measure the width of the opening, the height of the aperture and the lintel, the depth of the garage, so it is better to invite our surveyors to make accurate and correct measurements. After all, how much they will be skillfully made depends on how long and without trouble, keeping warmth and comfort, the original automatic sectional gate of Alutech will serve you.

Appearance and color palette of garage sectional doors Alutech

In the design of sectional doors there is a good choice of gate styles – it is a canvas made of sandwich panels. Inner side of the canvas, in most cases, white-gray, but also possible in other colors. As for the outer side of the sandwich panels, there are about 40 variants in the color palette of design solutions. Initially, the customer selects the drawing of the surface of the section of interest. It can be both universal classical and modern architecture.

Types of drawings of sandwich panels of the sectional garage doors Alutech