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Garage doors of the Classic series

Many businessmen and private owners of various premises aspire to buy a garage classic classic gates.

This equipment is an excellent solution in cases where it is necessary to establish a high-quality overlap of doorways of a large size.

In particular, the Classic series is a gate whose dimensions are up to 6000 * 3085 mm. To compensate for the weight of the fabric, the manufacturer uses torsion-type springs, they are located above the canvas door.

Design Features

The garage garage Classic (the sale of equipment is carried out by our company) have the following design:

  • Door leaf;  
  • Ratchet and coupling;  
  • Intermediate loops;  
  • Seals;  
  • Roller brackets.

Pay attention to the gate "Alutech", it uses an adjustable clutch, it allows you to rotate the two components of the shaft with respect to each other during the installation of the product, therefore, uniform tension of the cables is ensured.

Gate garage Classic: prices and technical features

Before you buy a Classic garage door, note that their standard kit includes a special device (ratchet clutch, safety), it is mounted on each torsion spring. If the structure comes into malfunction, the springs block the shaft, so that the door leaves do not fall, providing maximum safety for others. Gates Classic garage, the price of which is advantageous, have intermediate loops made of steel (stainless). The design loop has a concave shape, so that the product as a whole is as stable and durable as possible, since a strong connection is ensured. In addition, the classic Classic garage gates have adjustable roller brackets, they ensure maximum sandwich panel attachment to the opening, and therefore the thermal and acoustic insulation is maximum. Throughout the perimeter, the gates are equipped with seals made of rubber polymeric rubber. If you wish to buy a Classic garage door, please note that the installation of the end profiles is hidden, and therefore the products in the collection have an attractive appearance.

Classic garage doors: installation type

You can purchase a Classic garage gate, the price of which will be available, at our company Triumph WT. Installation of equipment is carried out in three ways - low, standard or high, and therefore the installation is available for any garage openings.

A jumper of only 100 mm for manual control and 125 mm for using an electric drive is required for installing the Classic doors


In Chernigov on the sectional gate Alutech Classic price from 15 655 UAH., This is the approximate cost of the model with manual control and for the garage opening 2500 x 2000 mm. And to calculate the full cost of Alutech Classic garage sectional doors, you need to add to the minimum price also the installation and delivery of the gate to the site for installation. Your choice can be a model with automatic control, and then you need to add to this amount the cost of automation for the sectional doors of the Alutech Classic series. To learn more about any details on the cost of delivery, installation of sectional gates Alutech Classic series, you can call us - see the phones on our website in the Contacts section, also visit us, our shop in Chernihiv is located at: street Instrumental, 1.


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