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Garage doors of Trend series

Modern garage door Trend - functional, constructed of 40 mm sandwich panels, the material for which was aluminum. Garage gates Trend, consisting of sections, are universal, thanks to which they are mounted in any garage opening, without exceptions.

Garage gates Trend - a whole series that provides the possibility of embedding the gate. Summarizing its attractive qualities, we can safely talk about the maximum opportunities for automation, improved performance and affordable price. Garage doors Trend is a specially created series for private cottages and houses, demonstrating a high technical level.


Key Advantages

  • 40 mm sandwich panels of sheet steel used as the main material are characterized by important properties - foam-filled, with a strong, reliable casing, not subject to deformation over time, with proper heat and sound insulation
  • Trend garage doors are realized with a durable coating of panels - they do not tolerate changes in color over time and will tolerate scratches
  • Galvanized steel, chosen as a material for the fittings, is anti-corrosion, has high strength, with a long service life, is suitable for regions with moderate climatic conditions.
  • Absolute safety is the priority quality of the Alutech Trend garage doors, as manufacturers have relied on standards developed in the EU. All the provided security systems are applied even in the basic, most affordable package. Among them, protection from cuts, preventing pinching, etc.
  • Thanks to the tension springs available in the design, the gate mass balancing process is achieved, the area of ​​which reaches a maximum of 7.9 m2. If this value is exceeded, torsion mechanisms are provided, while the ratchet clutch guarantees reliable fall protection, as does the spring-in-spring mechanism.
  • Alutech Trend offers 13 different colors, 5 surface types.

Buy Trend garage doors with corrosion and draft protection

Corner posts, provided in the design of the gate with a plastic base, reliably protect against moisture and drafts, besides, they are an excellent design solution that creates an attractive appearance. It should be noted and the roller brackets, which are adjustable and allow to achieve a reliable fit of the fabric to the existing seals, which also serves as additional protection from external weather manifestations. To buy garage doors Trend - means to equip the garage with reliable equipment.

Quiet operation

Sectional garage door leaf The trend is characterized by quiet operation, since the design provides for closed type bearings. Garage doors will provide reliable and high-quality work in any weather, which, of course, is worth using.

The garage doors Trend are always available in our company «Triumph WT» at the best prices.


In Chernigov, the price of the sectional gates of the Alutech Trend is from UAH 13,167, this approximate cost is indicated for the model with manual control and for a doorway measuring 2500 x 2000 mm. To calculate the full cost of Alutech Trend sectional doors, you just need to consider installation and delivery of the gate to the installation site, and if you want to have a model with automatic control, add to this sum the cost of the automation package for the Alutech sectional doors of the Trend series. To clarify any details regarding the cost of delivery, installation of the sectional gates of Alutech Trend series, call us at the numbers listed on the website in the Contacts section or visit us at the «Triumph WT» shop in Chernigov.


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