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Industrial gates

Industrial sectional doors with one name indicate that they have large dimensions, and their operation will be extremely intensive. Such gates are characterized by specific qualities and impressive, specific dimensions.

Key Advantages

The sectional industrial gates offered by our company are endowed with a number of advantages, among them:

  • high-quality noise insulation
  • the ability to maximize the storage of heat inside the building
  • Reliable protection against dust penetration

Industrial sectional gates, the price of which is indicated on our website, differ from standard ones in size. Also in them are provided the strengthened moving shafts, excluding a hitch at opening.

Main application area

  • Industrial enterprises
  • car wash;
  • body shops;
  • hangars
  • Covered parking lots (including public parking lots)
  • agricultural enterprises
  • Other objects.

The industrial sectional doors are complemented by an automatic system that makes it easy to manage large and heavy gates. This process is carried out with one click on the remote control or on the keypad. There are also other options and accessories for automation, which are aimed at ensuring greater security of the daily use of the gate and, of course, their reliability.

Of course, the large weight and scale of the gate dictates the need for a suitable electric drive. The complete set of the gate of this type includes powerful electric motors placed on the torsion shaft.

In addition to imposing dimensions, the sectional industrial gates are characterized by the same impressive weight. Accordingly, before their direct commissioning, various non-standard situations are considered, which is reflected in the security system. For example, when driving abruptly in a downward direction in the event of a wire failure, inertial braking systems are provided.

Gate cost

Sometimes in the manufacture of the door leaf of this equipment use transparent inserts, which saves money for lighting. Buy an industrial gate in the office of our company «Triumph WT» in Chernigov, it means not only competently investing money, but also to buy a quality product at the best price in the region. For a number of characteristics, both operational and technical, sectional automatic gates significantly prevail over models of other types with relative ease of use.

The price of sectional industrial gates directly depends on the cost of work on their manufacture, material and components.

Buy industrial gates for your company, this means to purchase reliable equipment with increased operating conditions, and with excellent heat-insulating qualities. It is because of their tightness that they are able to maintain the microclimate in the room throughout the year. The plus is also the ease of service and low costs for possible repairs, so that the prices of industrial sectional doors fully correspond to their quality-tested quality.


Anyone who plans to install industrial sectional doors in Chernigov, always after selecting a supplier, specifies the cost of sectional industrial gates. Always for a more accurate calculation of the full amount of installation of the industrial gate of Alutech, we recommend contacting our consultants by phones that are in the Contacts section on our website. But in order to orient you at least in terms of cost, we give the following data for the construction of the gate: aperture size of 3000 x 3000 mm, chain chain control, then, respectively, such industrial sectional doors - starting price from 24 255 UAH. If you have your wishes for installation and installation of your sectional industrial doors, we will happily listen to all your wishes and advise you how to make you better, so that it is reliable, inexpensive and comfortable.


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