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Installation of sectional gates

Assembly and installation of sectional gates in Chernigov

The role of sectional door mounting

The service life of the gate depends on the correct and high-quality installation. The correct installation of garage doors is carried out by qualified installation crews with extensive experience. An obligatory condition is the passage of special training courses for installers. Training installers consists of theoretical and practical training. Theoretical training includes the study of: the types of gates (garage and industrial), the series of gates (Classic and Trend), types of installation (standard, elevated, low, inclined, vertical), control types (manual and automatic), design features of gates, automation for the gate. Also safety techniques are studied during assembly work.

Practical training takes place directly at the installation site. Under the strict guidance of the mentor and step-by-step supervision, the installers fix the theory. After successfully passing the exams, installers receive a Certificate.

Correct gauging

An important element of quality installation is the correct measurement of the opening. Measurement should be made with accurate measuring instruments (best of all - laser range finder).

We measure all measurements from the middle of the room. We measure the width of the opening at different levels (bottom of the opening, middle and top), choose the maximum size. For better thermal insulation, we add 50-100 mm to the size. The height of the opening is also measured in three points (right, middle, left), and again choose the maximum size. It is necessary to take into account the level of sex (the so-called "zero"). Next, go to the measurement of the side shoulder (pier) and the lintel (lintel). Side flaps are the distance between the right or left end point of the opening and the side wall. A jumper is the distance from the top point of the opening to the ceiling or the beams of the ceiling.

Do not forget to measure the depth of the room, and also pay attention to the presence of an additional entrance.

Preparation of aperture

There are necessary requirements for the preparation of an opening for sectional doors. The inner surface of the wall with the opening (on which the gate is installed) should be flat and located in the same plane. The opening is made of an even and regular geometric shape. If necessary, the opening can be framed with a steel corner 75 mm.

Sectional door installation

From the correct quality installation depends on the operability and service life of sectional doors. Installation of the gate begins with certified installers, properly selected fasteners and a professional tool. Fasteners are selected based on the materials of the wall, the lintel and the ceiling of the room. The key to fast and correct installation is a set of quality tools, which includes a hand power tool, ladders, precise levels and other devices.

Installation of garage sectional doors lasts about 3-4 hours. At the same time, all levels of machinery and door leaf are maintained. Each fastening and connection of the gate elements is reliable and must be checked. At the final stage of installation, the gates are regulated and adjusted.

When passing the gate (commissioning) instructed on the use.

Service of the gate

During the use of sectional doors, routine maintenance is necessary. As a rule, these jobs are performed twice a year: in the autumn (before the onset of cold weather) and in the spring (when warm weather comes).

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