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Panoramic gate

Panoramic gate of Alutech in Chernigov

Panoramic gates of Alutech are today, the most popular and optimal solution in the market of panoramic sectional gates of Ukraine. All this is due to the fact that the panoramic gates from Alutech combine all the most important requirements of customers: the highest quality, excellent functionality, many sizes, a very diverse range of colors, and of course the newest technology trends. Elegant aluminum construction with glazing to the maximum meets all modern design requirements, while ensuring excellent thermal and sound insulation from noise. Panoramic gates Alutech is the best solution on the market for any buildings in modern high-tech style. They miss a large stream of daylight, give the opportunity to demonstrate the company's products around the clock and continuously, while at the same time protecting the property of the company, namely - reliably prevent illegal entry into the premises. Therefore, they are great for car showrooms, exhibition centers, car-care centers, car washes, hypermarkets.


Buy sectional panoramic gates in Ukraine from the company «Alutech» can be in three main versions. For today, there are three series of gates for sale: AluTrend, AluPro, AluTherm. These options of panoramic gates will satisfy any diverse requests even from the most demanding customers.


The panoramic gates of the AluTrend series are characterized by the following characteristics:

  • production of panoramic panels with a thickness of forty mm;
  • Used fittings made of galvanized steel;
  • very acceptable and competitive price of the gate;
  • very diverse applications.


The panoramic doors of the AluPro series are distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • made from panoramic panels with a thickness of forty-five mm;
  • use accessories made of stainless steel;
  • installed in rooms with high humidity;
  • a very large selection of glazing options and important additional options.


The panoramic gates of the AluTherm series are characterized by the following data:

  • the thermal insulation properties of the AluTherm gate are 40° higher than those for panoramic gates from sections without thermo fracturing;
  • very high thermal insulation properties;
  • Use translucent insets with double or triple glazing.


The design of the very leaf of the panoramic sectional doors of the company «Alutech» is a strong extruded aluminum profiles, in which are installed translucent shockproof acrylic or composite inserts, which increase noise insulation. Such gates can be made to order clearly and accurately, even with such maximum dimensions - width up to 7 meters and height up to 6 meters.

Sectional panoramic gates of Alutech have absolutely modern design, provide an excellent overview of products and premises. In operation are characterized by reliability, durability and strength, excellent tightness, heat and sound insulation, which are achieved due to the use in the production of very high quality rubber seals around the contour of the panoramic gates, as well as between the panels. Also one of the most important advantages of the panoramic gate of Alutech is that the external coating of the panels is very resistant to a variety of mechanical and weather influences. And a huge assortment of options on the market allows you to choose the most appropriate option for your site. Accordingly, thanks to the use of such high technologies, the panoramic gates of the company «Alutech» meet all the highest European quality standards, which is confirmed by many certificates and awards.


Our company «Triumph WT» is the official partner of the company «Alutech» in Chernigov and the region, therefore, we offer you the manufacture and installation of sectional panoramic gates Alutech in the shortest possible time, and at real affordable prices from the manufacturer. In our store you will find a large selection of samples and models of the panoramic gate of Alutech, in order to choose the one that fits specifically for your object. Call, come and choose what you need, and our specialists will always listen attentively to your wishes and requirements for the panoramic gates, and will pick up the best option and the series of panoramic gates Alutech. After the order, your panoramic gates will be made exactly in size, clearly in the agreed time, and will perfectly fit the size of your doorway. To orient you to what the price of the panoramic gate Alutech in Chernigov, we give the following example of a panoramic gate, as the most popular option. If the size of the opening is 3000 x 3000 mm, and a chain reducer is used for control, then the price of the sectional panoramic gate of the gate will be - UAH 37,264. If you have other dimensions of the opening, or you would like to change the management option, then it is better to contact our consultants by phone numbers listed in the Contacts section on our website and they will calculate the exact cost of sectional panoramic gates for your option. And also you will be guided by the cost of delivery and installation of panoramic gates in Chernigov and the region.


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