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Automatic sliding gates

Automatic sliding gates

Sliding gates on automation are one of the most convenient, especially for industrial and commercial enterprises, as well as for private territories. Thanks to the automation installed on them, such models are very practical. If you do not fit ready-made standard products, you can order the production of sliding gates. In this case, you get the original version, which is ideal for your installation conditions. The cost of manufacturing sliding gates depends on the size, material and individual requirements of the customer.

Features of recline models

One of the main advantages of such gates is their design. When they open / close the door leaf is moved sideways, which saves space in the yard. This aspect is important if the yard or territory is small. Everyone who wants to buy a gate sliding, should know that this is a movable mechanism. It consists of several components - the canvas and the beam, which is attached to the door leaf by welding. For these gates, it is customary to use convenient and safe locks from European manufacturers. In their design, there are no suspension systems and rails, which greatly facilitates the care of the gates.
Another advantage of automatic gates is their noiselessness. The price of sliding gates depends on the individual design and dimensions.
The production of sliding gates is one of the directions of our company's activity «Triumph WT». At the same time, customer wishes are always taken into account, as well as dimensions, so that future gates ideally fit the opening. The automatic sliding doors themselves are suitable for space of any size, since they can open in either side. Due to the lack of rail structures, these gates do not cause inconvenience for machines of different sizes. We also manufacture turnkey gates on a turn-key basis, the prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Advantages of installing and buying sliding gates

One of the main advantages of such gates is the saving of free space. The second advantage is the time savings for their discovery. It is enough to press the button on the remote control to open the structure. The signal from the control unit, which is installed on the goal post, is transmitted to the control panels and back. The price of sliding gates is fairly transparent, it is easy to calculate, knowing the main characteristics of the future product.
Additional strengths of the products are strength, durability and reliability. Those who decided to buy a gate recoiling, can be sure that they will last a long time. The products offered on our website are of high quality and, under whatever conditions are not exploited, will serve the entire allotted guaranteed period.
The thickness of the manufactured gate also depends on your wishes. If desired, they can be decorated with patterns and various ornaments. If you want to order a sliding gate, Chernigov is one of the cities where it can be done without problems.

Cost of manufacturing sliding gates

Prices of sliding gates may be different. Formation of the final amount depends on various factors - the size, material, the number of lock-bolts. Also, it is worth considering that the more locks and control panels, the more expensive the product will be in the end. But regardless of the cost of making sliding doors, the quality will be high. The prices for a turnkey gates in any case correspond to the desired result.

Why it is necessary to install automatic sliding gates

As already mentioned above, this type of model has many constructive advantages, it's not for nothing that they are the most popular in our time. Due to its strength and durability, the products will not lose their relevance for many years. Their reliability and quality are checked by time.
If you are going to buy a sliding gate in Chernigov, then you definitely need to consult a specialist of our company «Triumph WT». We are always happy to help you with the choice, we will tell you what is better to use as a material and how to correctly place an order. And our prices for sliding gates turnkey you will be pleasantly surprised.

Automatic sliding gate price

If you are interested in the current prices for rolling gates in Chernigov, then you can specify them in our specialists by phone. But the exact cost of sliding gates, you can find out only after our master-meter with you on the spot will make accurate measurements and calculate the full amount, taking into account: the size of the opening, the material of construction, and the cost of mounting the sliding gates. But to orient you by value, there is an approximate average price of sliding gates - 12800 UAH. This price is indicated with the following data:

1. gate sliding (sliding) metal;
2. profiled sheeting;
3. the size of the new sliding gate 3000х2000 mm.

Of course, if you calculate, with the same data, but automatic sliding gates, the price will be from 18,800 UAH, since the cost of automation for sliding gates will be taken into account.

Cost of sliding gates in Chernigov

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