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Automatic swing gates

Automatic swing gate Alutech in Chernigov

Swing gates are the most common option for access, both to the garage and to the cottage or cottage. Despite some original technical solutions, the technology of their manufacture is similar to a sliding gate, although it has its own distinctive features. The popularity of the gate is due to the low cost and simplicity of the design, which allows them to provide long and trouble-free operation. But modern technologies also do not stand still, and today those who already installed houses or dachas with automatic swing gates, felt how convenient it was to drive to their home territory. The thing is that if you install a set of automation for the swing gates professionally on the swing gates, then your gate as in the fairy tale will be opened by yourself, without the help of hands, and the owner of the car will no longer have to leave the car in bad weather or a sunny day to Open the gate and get home. And the company automation for swing gates, which you can make in our store or order on our website, is very simple and reliable in operation, characterized by a long service life, as it is checked by time and testing. And in the end, after installing such swinging automatic gates always wins the one who already installed them, as this is a very excellent and profitable purchase for a home or suburban housing.

Also, automatic swing gates today are very widely used by commercial organizations to restrict access to their territory. These are business centers, and closed clubs for VIP guests, and first of all these are factories and industrial enterprises, wholesale bases, military units. This type of gate has been used in similar enterprises for a long time, but if before the automation for swing gates there was either homemade or bulky, nowadays only the best tested kits are used, and new items from companies that have proved themselves very well in the automation market for gates , and are the leaders of sales. Our customers, even after 5 years or more, respond very well to the automation kits we have purchased for our garage gates and for regular swing gates at the dacha. And all because, today they are faithfully and reliably serving their owners, and fully fulfill their direct purpose - the opening of automatic swing gates.

What is the design of the automatic swing gates?

Everything is easy and understandable, two very strong racks (pipes or a square) are the obligatory element, to which the doors are attached, which allow opening the swing gates inside or outside of the territory, depending on how the customer wishes and will be designed at the production gate. In most cases, the wings are made massive and heavy, and therefore, to ensure that the automatic swing gates silently and easily open, use reinforced bearing loops. In the production of swing gates, aluminum modules (sandwich panels) are often used, which are moved by electric wire. Although it is also very common to meet or buy a swing gates in Chernigov, and from other materials, for example: metal forging, wood, corrugated board, polycarbonate.

The company "Triumph WT" sells automatic swing gates in Chernigov, which are reliable, and at an affordable price, as our company is the official dealer of the group of companies "Alutech". And accordingly we can buy a swing gate at the manufacturer's price. All products undergo thorough monitoring not only during the design of the gate structure, but also at the production itself, during installation, and by our certified specialists during the installation on site.

The high popularity of automatic swing gates is due to their impeccable quality and durability. In fact, even at the very first stages of manufacture, the door modules (panels) are powder coated and chemically treated at the factory, due to which they have high corrosion resistance and last for a long time and in no time in all weather conditions, despite sudden temperature changes, or prolonged exposure to snow, rain or direct sunlight.

If you decide to order or buy automatic swing gates in Chernigov, then visit the office of our company where you can find out more about all samples of sandwich panels for swing gates. And also to view and design options for your swing gates for your home, villa or organization. You will find a wide variety of exquisite design solutions that are created in such a way that they can be easily applied and adjusted to your opening, given the desired appearance and functionality of automatic swing gates. Our specialists will offer you a swing gates that can satisfy even the most daring wishes and strict requirements of any customer.

Swing gates Alutech PRICE

Buy a swing gate Alutech in Chernigov, today you can at very different prices, because always the cost of any gate, depended on a variety of factors, from the brand gate manufacturer, the supplier company, the construction of the gate material, the size of the opening, and you need to consider the cost of delivery, installation , installation of the gate. But there is always a starting, minimum price, from which you can build on and plan your miscalculation to understand the full cost of installing swing gates. In this case, there are such initial (standard) parameters of swing gates of Alutech: metal, profiled sheet, gateway size - 3000 x 2000 mm. With such data for purchase - swing gates, the price will be from 13 200 UAH. For any other parameters of the swing gates Alutech, we recommend contacting our specialists for more accurate and up-to-date information. This you can do by phone, by e-mail, or at a personal meeting in our showroom-store «Triumph WT» in Chernihiv, having examined and studied the samples you need of our materials and layout designs for swing gates Alutech.


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