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Application of bollards

Application of bollards

Automatic bollards in Chernigov

Bollards (roadblockers) are retractable, removable or stationary large-diameter anti-shroud posts, designed to restrict entry and exit of vehicles, allow you to regulate parking. They are popular among people, they are called differently: automatic retractable antitar poles, retractable antiterrorist pillars, protective sliding pillars.

Basic features of the bollards:

1. aesthetic appearance;

2. anti-tampering properties;

3. automatic control.

Depending on the design of the bollard, access to the territory may be limited for a certain time or for certain modes of transport. Stationary bollards are most often used to separate the pedestrian zone from the roadway: people are free to pass between the posts, and for bollard cars - an insurmountable obstacle.

Bollards are retractable bollards, which are operated by electromechanical or hydraulic devices. Occasionally, bollards are produced, which are pushed out manually. Depending on the material from which the bollards are made, they can perform anti-tarnishing or anti-terrorist functions, or they can simply visually outline a zone. But basically, the bollards are designed to restrict the movement of vehicles or people over a certain territory.

The filling of the bollard can also be completely different. Some of them are simple mechanisms that move to a certain height at the click of a button, while others are complex systems that can be pushed to any desired height (or several altitudes specified in the program). They can trigger by pressing directly on the Bollard itself with the foot or wheel of the car, and also after pressing the button. Some bollards are pulled out when the mechanism is unscrewed manually or when the alarm is activated. You can equip bollards with lanterns, protective damper or signal strips, you can pull chains or ropes between them.

There are many features that can be equipped with bollards. All the necessary information that will help you decide with a choice and buy bollards with the right set of functions and characteristics, you can clarify to the employees of our company. And you can also find out the price of bollards from our consultants after you have decided on the majority of the parameters of the bollards.

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