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Barriers Comunello

Barriers Comunello

Automatic barriers Comunello in Chernigov

The automatic barriers Comunello make the life of people in Ukraine, CIS, Italy, Europe and the whole world more comfortable. They are widely used and perfectly perform their functions anywhere: in a paid parking lot, in a private or cooperative yard, at the entrance to the parking area in large shopping centers, office buildings, industrial facilities.

In each device, the manufacturer focuses on strong machinery and a durable resource of 50 cycles of operating cycles for drive models and 1 million cycles for barriers. Therefore, all automatic barriers Comunello are ready to work in low temperature conditions up to -35 ̊С and voltage drops. Thanks to the functions - auto-closing, obstacle detection, wicket mode and others, it is convenient to use these barriers every day.

A series of automatic barriers LIMIT - is the best solution among the Italian barriers Comunello! Stand out bright design, built-in LED light. A high level of security and the necessary functionality are provided by a control unit that is easy to program. A reliable and durable Comunello barrier based on a DC motor with a built-in encoder. Automatic barriers Comunello LIMIT series are adapted for operation at low temperatures up to -35⁰. Also, they work stably at 180-270 V voltage drops.

Among all the advantages of the automatic barriers Comunello of the Limit series are the following:

1. shockproof protective case made of aluminum alloy;
2. ideal machining and adjustment of all mechanical elements of the drive;
3. powerful springs ensure smooth movement;
4. adjustable electrical and mechanical limit switches stop the boom precisely at the end positions;
5. the direction of the boom is easily changed by means of a microswitch;
6. in the event of a collision with an obstacle, the boom of the barrier automatically stops;
7. the locked boom is unlocked by simply turning the key;
8. the LED backlight built into the cabinet makes the barrier clearly visible in the dark;
9. a large number of additional modes and options allows you to configure the system under the conditions of a specific territory;
10. the setup panel with LED backlight modes makes the setting very simple and fast;
11. if necessary, the barrier can operate from an internal battery;
12. inside the building there are special places for additional equipment;
13. written guarantee from the manufacturer - 3 years;
14. wear resistance of the mechanism, reliability and uninterrupted service: the barrier is activated automatically, but if the power supply stops, you can easily switch to mechanical control;
15. if there is a spare generator, any power outages are not terrible;
16. the convenience of using the barrier, since all the settings of the device are changed individually, namely, you can pre-set the time of raising / lowering the rail, the parameters of tolerance and automatic lighting switching;
17. the versatility of the barriers in this series is that the Comunello range has rails of all possible lengths, which allows you to select a device for any purpose and width of the opening.

Standard equipment of automatic barriers Comunello:

1. Arrow of a certain length (depending on the purpose and width of the opening, which must be blocked);
2. Cabinet (stand) with built-in control system mechanism, protected from accidental collisions by a strong casing;
3. Stationary console, which involves raising the arrow using a set of code combinations of numbers on the keyboard or by means of a special electronic key;
4. Balancing spring;
5. Unlocking keys;
6. Mounting kit (+ foundation hooks + mounting plate);
7. Manual for installation and operation, the passport of the product in Russian.

Strict quality control of components, production stages and the introduction of the latest technology ensure the excellent quality of automatic barriers and in general all products of Comunello.

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