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Automation for garage doors

Automation for garage doors

Automation for garage sectional doors in Chernigov

Automation for sectional garage doors is an excellent solution for equipping garages, and they can only be made better with the help of Comunello automation. The automatic drive for sectional doors raises and lowers them with the help of a mechanism attached to it, which in turn is connected to the movement control system of the sections. To activate this mechanism, you only need to press the buttons on a specially programmed panel, and the opening will open and close quickly and without any effort.

The main element of automatics of garage sectional doors is an electric drive that raises or lowers the web. Ceiling and wall drives are used to control sectional doors. The ceiling drive is fixed to the ceiling in the center of the room, and the blade moves along the guides using the attachment to the upper section of the link. Ceiling drives are not designed for frequent use, but they also work as locks; It is almost impossible to lift the canvas on the outside. The shaft drives are mounted on the wall to the left or right of the blade. The electric motor rotates the shaft with the drum, on which the cable is wound. They are designed for heavy load and frequent use. In industrial areas and garages for general use, mainly the main drives are used. The control unit is usually placed on the wall in a place convenient for the owner. It is mainly used to configure the automation, but it also has switches for raising and lowering the blade.

In addition to the drive, the automatics for sectional garage doors include elements that connect it to the section control mechanism, the control sensor and the control panels. The console transmits a signal that is recognized by the system and becomes a command for the drive. The minimum number of consoles in the set is 2, but if necessary, you can make duplicates (for example, if several family members use the garage).

Therefore, the installation of the automation kit for sectional garage doors will give:

1. Save time;
2. Convenient operation in all weather conditions;
3. Silent raising and lowering of leaflets;
4. Increase the service life of the barrier.

Automation for swing gates Comunello series RAMPART is designed for garage sectional doors, as it is a proven, reliable and durable automatics in a stylish casing. For example, the RAMPART 600 drive package is designed to automate a gate up to 2.7 m high and up to an area of 8.4 m2. Supplied complete with belt guide rail and remote controls (2 pcs.)

The automation system for garage sectional doors is protected from environmental influences, overheating and breakdowns and has a long service life and guarantees.

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