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Automation for sliding gates

Automation for sliding gates

Automatic gates improve the quality of life of many people in different countries, including Ukraine, Germany, France, etc. They have found their application and perfectly manage their function: whether it is paid parking for residential apartment buildings, entry / exit to parking in shopping malls, office buildings, factories, factories, and military facilities under protection. You can buy automation for sliding gates in Chernigov directly on our website.

A little about the automation device for sliding gates

Automation for sliding gates is equipment that consists of a drive and a rack with a rail, on which the teeth are located. This design allows you to open and close the gate, without exerting any effort. It is enough just to press the button on the panel / control panel. When the signal arrives at the drive, it causes the rack mechanism to move, thereby shifting the gate, that is, opening/closing them.

Buy automatics for sliding gates

The price of a set of automation for sliding gates depends on many factors, but it is quite affordable.

The main difference between automation for sliding gates is that the first allows you to install this system on a separate structure, which is then attached to the rack. On the other side of the rack is attached the door leaf itself. Such a mechanism ensures the movement of the gate leaf. Before you buy an automation kit for sliding gates, you need to know the principle of its operation, and it consists in the following - the signal is transmitted from the remote control to the control unit installed in the drive itself. Most often, there are several such remotes, by the number of family members or employees who have access to the gate.

Buy a set of automation for sliding gates is just because he has a number of positive qualities in the complex.

Advantages of this system

Automation for sliding gates, which can be bought on our website, is always high-quality, efficient, completely safe, easy and convenient to install. Therefore, all the necessary parts for installation and so on are necessarily included in the installation mechanism. In addition to convenience, the system for the sliding doors of the Comunello brand has other advantages:

  • the mechanism is made of special materials that protect it from overheating;
  • noiselessness;
  • reliability;
  • long service life;
  • strength.

This system consists of the following elements:

  • electric drive;
  • rake;
  • control unit;
  • control panels (there can be a very large number of them).

Automation for sliding gates, which you can buy in our store in Chernigov, is designed to feel maximum comfort and safety, and is very important, but at the same time a simple and understandable mechanism.

Prices for automation for sliding gates

The solutions that are sold in our company will pleasantly please you and your wallet, as the prices for automation for sliding gates are quite affordable for purchase. Consultants of our company are highly qualified specialists who will always be happy to help you with the choice, explain the terms of payment and delivery. You can purchase this mechanism without problems, being in any city of Ukraine.

If you decide to purchase an automation kit for sliding gates, the price for it should not be a decisive argument. Buy automation for sliding gates in Chernigov as easy as in any other city. It is enough to contact our specialists by phone, or place an order on our website. A convenient interface will allow you to calmly and conveniently review, read and choose exactly what you need.

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