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Automation for swing gates

Automation for swing gates

Automation for swing gates in Chernigov

Automation for swing gates are automatic Comunello drives. Automation kits for swing gates (actuators) are available in different versions. Therefore, for different types of doors it is better to use different types of drives, because each option has its own advantages and complexities. The choice of a particular drive depends on the size and weight of the door, the expected traffic intensity and other parameters.

Automation Comunello for swing gates not only provides convenience and reliability, but also guarantees the safety of gate control. The mechanism for swing gates allows you to control access to any closed territory.

Automation Comunello for swing gates of the ABACUS series are elegant drives in a single aluminum case that are ideal for automation of both small and heavy swing gates. They are designed taking into account the features of operation in aggressive weather conditions. For example, the simplest model ABACUS 224 is a drive with a 24V motor for a gate with a leaf weighing up to 300 kg and a width of up to 2.2 m. It is designed for operation with high intensity - up to 30 cycles/hour.

In addition to the drives themselves, other devices can be installed on the swing gates - an alarm lamp, photocells, an antenna to improve the reception of the remote control of the drive, an audio or video intercom. Control is duplicated mechanically, when the electricity is turned off, you can unlock the gate and open it manually.

Automation for swing gates Comunello is primarily safety, as all Comunello drives have a marking indicating that the automation is certified and meets the requirements of the most stringent European standards.

The popularity in the automation market for the Comunello swing gates indicates that the entire range of Comunello products is the result of a quality manufacturing process aimed at producing reliable and efficient automatics that undergoes wear tests, resistance to extreme temperatures and electromagnetic interference.

All automation for the swing gates of the company Comunello has high-tech characteristics that make life easier and guarantee absolute control of the system in all operating conditions.

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